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Cancellation Policy

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This is a reminder of our CANCELLATION POLICY, which we are afraid we will now have to be very strict on with no exceptions. This includes rearranging appointments as well as cancelling them completely.

Whilst we appreciate that there are occasionally unforeseen circumstances, this still leaves us with an unfilled appointment.

Please understand that as self-employed people we must protect our time and business.



Appointment Cancellation Notice:

We require a minimum of 24 hours weekdays & 48 hours notice weekends to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Any appointment that is not cancelled or rescheduled within the required timeframe will incur a £20 charge per person.

Seasonal & Bank Holidays:

Appointments must be rearranged or cancelled 24 hours before the last day of business for appointments on the first day back.

• Lateness:
Please let us know if you are going to be late for your appointment, we can usually allow 10 minutes, however, we may have clients immediately after you in which case we will have to prioritise the preceding clients until a slot is free or extreme lateness may result in having to cancel your appointment and the above cancellation terms will apply.

No shows:

All no-shows may incur the full appointment cost.

Failed Payment Charges:

If you fail to pay cancellation charges, regrettably future appointments will be cancelled and you will be unable to book any further appointments. Please note that charges incurred may automatically be charged to the payment card used upon booking where applicable, as per our terms and conditions.

Pre Paid Treatments:

We reserve the right to ask for full payment before booking. If this is done, this amount will be treated the same as a booking fee and will be retained in full upon late cancellation or no-show.

This policy applies to everyone at all times, with no exceptions. Thank you.

NB: Voucher & Offers T&Cs also apply.


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